Human Givens Tree

Who we are:

Blue Sky Enabling is a fully accredited preferred provider of high quality flexible live-in and person-centred services to adults of all ages living with impairments, and/or disabilities. The company is dedicated to ensuring that all of the people that we work with are supported to live their lives in a way that promotes: free thinking; enjoyment; empowerment; and safety.

Our Core Values:  

Building Trust

Developing Lives

Empowering People

Inspiring Passion

So what is ‘enabling’?

  • Enabling is way of working alongside people at their own pace.
  • Enabling support focuses on building people’s capacities, positive experiences and successful outcomes.
  • The aim of enabling services is to support people in setting their overall Objectives and realising their Goals by following effective Pathways.

How does ‘enabling’ differ from ‘care’?

  • Care deals with people’s conditions, Enabling deals with the person as a whole and complete human being.
  • Care services do things FOR people, Enabling services do things WITH people.
  • Care is about performing specific tasks – bathing, toileting dressing etc. Enabling see those tasks as steps toward achieving goals – going to a social group, theatre, shopping or chatting to a friend etc.

How we can help you:

Blue Sky Enabling would offer you or your loved ones the opportunity to live at home rather than going into residential care. Our company focuses on the importance of having a place that feels like home. So as far as possible we concentrate on making your home a liveable space again without alterations. By utilising the skills of our Enablers you would be helped to ensure all daily activities become fun and enjoyable again.

An Enabler is more than just a Carer, they are a friend. Whatever your needs are, we have an enabler that will suit the situation. Plus we only have small personable teams, keeping the same members of staff with you from start to finish.

We don’t do short visits:

Nobody likes to rush through their daily routine. It is for this reason that we offer our support services with a minimum of a 2 hour visit. Our members of staff are there to guide and enable our service users to do things for themselves. Therefore where it is safe to do so our service users do things with our enablers, rather than our enablers just doing things for our service users. It becomes a mutual relationship, so rather than employ a servant, why not employ an enabler?

The right person at the right time:

Blue Sky Enabling is very privileged in that we have such competent staff, and our Strategic Management Team ensure that everyone that we employ enters the right job role with the right attitude. We know that to support someone, enable that person, and make it possible for them to enjoy their life to the fullest in every moment, takes hard work. We ensure that all of the staff are on board with our work ethic, with a strong organisational culture of respect and equality.

If we don’t think that we have the right enabler for your needs, we will hire and train a new one who better fits with your ideal. Shelley Saxon the CEO says, “Caring for someone is not just about the Care that we offer them, it is about enabling that person to live an active, engaged, and happy life.” For this purpose Blue Sky Enabling go that extra mile to ensure that our staff have an affinity with the people that they help to support. That they have something in common, that they understand each-other, and can coexist together and grow together.

The Care Team:


Shelley Saxon BA Hons. LLM. LMSC. CEO

Shelley has a life-long commitment to enabling people of all abilities to live lives of their own choosing. Shelley is highly skilled and has over 10 years directorial and management experience providing person-centred flexible enabling services to people with complex needs. This is backed by 20 years’ experience as a practising professional accountant and qualified mediator as well as a lecturer in human rights law.

Shelley has extensive experience and training in working with people with complex needs as well as a Diploma in Leadership and Management in Social Care.  In 2015 Shelley undertook Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma, including courses on: Effective brief therapy strategies and language skills; From stress to psychosis; Understanding anxiety; Tackling addiction, How to make counselling more effective; The fast trauma and phobia cure; How to lift depression; Effective anger management; Guided imagery and visualisation for therapeutic change; Workplace stress; Effective brief psychotherapy; Brief therapies for stopping addiction; Treating context-blindness; How to break the cycle of depression; From self-harm to self-belief; How to tell stories that heal.  In February 2017 Shelley did a PRT course on Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour, and has begun training as a Positive Behaviour Management Trainer. This has allowed her to tune a training package that allows all of our staff to access the skills they need to build positive lives for our clients.

Shelley is an experienced academic and field researcher in Disability and Social Care Studies. Her publications based on this research include:

‘Voices from the Shadows’ (2009), a book based on her doctoral research, telling the life stories of a group of older people with an acquired visual impairment living in a rural community in their own words.

‘Added Rural Value: Quality of Life Issues for Older People Living in Rural Devon’ (2006), a report based on a piece of field research commissioned by Age Concern Devon and funded by the Home Office through Change Up.

Rachel Eades BSc(Hons)
Registered Manager

Rachel first joined Blue Sky Enabling in November 2012 while she was still a student, where she rapidly gained the confidence of the clients she worked with.  Rachel graduated from Bath Spa University with a 2:1 Honours  degree in psychology in July 2014.  Rachel has completed her Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management through Blue Sky Enabling’s post-graduate training scheme.  Rachel was promoted to Care Manager in August 2015, and in February 2016 she began a Master’s Degree in Integrative Health and Social Care that is being sponsored by Blue Sky Enabling. After consideration from the strategic management team, Rachel was promoted to the position of Registered Manager in December 2017.


Some of our Enablers

We believe enablement and empowerment begin with the organisation and its staff.  We recognise that for most people the most important people in our organisation are the enablers with whom they will have regular contact.

Blue Sky Enabling take great care in recruiting, training and supervising our enablers and staff.  They have a wide range of nationally recognized qualifications and experience relevant to people’s needs and that meet the National Minimum Standards for Social Care.  In addition, all of our staff receive practical training and assessment with each service user with whom they work in the key areas of their care that is in line with new CQC regulations, these include:

  • Personal Care;
  • Continence Care;
  • Moving and Handling;
  • Administration of Medication;
  • Challenging Behaviour;
  • Assistance with Managing Financial Records.