Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a genetic condition that affects about 1 in 100 people.  ASD is characterised by the triad of difficulties: social and emotional interaction, imagination and flexibility of thought, social communication and language.  The extent to which individuals with ASD are affected varies considerably from individuals with above average to high intelligence with very mild difficulties to those who experience a profound degree if disability, which is also associated with a broader range of learning disabilities.  Given the infinite range of needs that comes from working with people on a spectrum, how Blue Sky Enabling works with each service user with ASD is unique to them.

Blue Sky Enabling understands that how people with ASD process information and understand the world around them is different to neurotypical people.  Whilst this difference creates capacity in some to develop creative innovative solutions to problems, for others, everyday issues, such as their favourite product being out of stock in the supermarket, can appear to them to be an insurmountable problem.  Without the right support, this can lead to heightened anxiety and behavioural responses that others find challenging.

At Blue Sky Enabling our staff are trained to understand how people on the ASD experience the world.  BSE works closely in partnership with the service user, their staff, family and professionals so that their individual support plan and positive behaviour support plan provides a step by step development programme to develop their coping strategies.  In our experience, people with ASD have immense capacity to learn new strategies to support them in overcoming their triad of difficulties.

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