Sensory Impairment

People have five basic senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell but these can be impaired from birth or during our lives as a result of injury, illness or as we age.

Impairments in sight or hearing can have a profound impact on how the person communicates and engages with others and how they navigate their environment.  Difficulties are further compounded where there is a combination of sensory impairments for example sight and hearing loss or sight and touch loss.

At Blue Sky Enabling we understand that, when not addressed, difficulties in communication can lead to behaviours that others find challenging.  To minimise the risk of behaviours that challenge, we work alongside service users, using their preferred means of communication.

We also understand the importance of maintaining the home environment as a familiar space so that our service users can navigate their home independently and safely.  Staff provide the appropriate level of support for each person when out of the home so that our service users are able to actively engage in the community.

Whatever the person’s impairment, Blue Sky Enabling focuses upon their abilities, and using that as a starting point works alongside the service user to build their capacities and independent living skills.

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