Mental Health

Many people will experience a decline in their mental wellbeing at some time in their life.  That we are all vulnerable to issues with our mental health became very apparent during the covid-19 outbreak of 2020 that saw the UK experience government-imposed nationwide lockdowns, the closing of schools and periods of self-isolation as part of our strategy to combat the spread of the deadly virus.  Blue Sky Enabling are very aware of the impact of singular traumatic events (accidents, serious injury, victim of a crime etc) leading to post-traumatic stress disorder and the complex trauma arising from historical sustained difficulties in key relationships, bullying, exclusion, abuse etc

For most people the anxieties, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other forms of mental illness that can manifest at times of extreme stress are temporary and can be resolved with the right combination of short-term psychological interventions, support groups and medication treatment.  However, for some people their complex trauma and mental illness may have a more enduring impact on their life, requiring more consistent interventions.

Blue Sky Enabling works closely with each service users’ medical support team (psychiatrist, psychologist, GP, community nurses etc) to structure a progressive support plan to improve their mental wellbeing.  This may include a self-administered or staff administered medication plan and an agreed programme of activities and community engagement designed to build capacity and resilience and address underlying issues.

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