Learning Disability

Blue Sky Enabling has been accredited by Wiltshire County Council as preferred provider of specialist support for people with complex needs across the whole County.  This includes people with severe and profound learning difficulties.

It is estimated that there are 1.2million people with learning disabilities in England alone.  Most learning disabilities are there from birth, but some can result from brain injury or infections like meningitis.  All forms of learning disabilities affect the way people learn, affecting intellectual skills and/or functional skills with more severe disabilities having a more profound impact on the person’s development and capacity.

At Blue Sky Enabling we spend time getting to know each service user, building trust and involving them, their family, staff and professionals in structuring their individual support plan that builds their capacity to enable them to meet their goals.  Each service user’s dedicated staff team work alongside them according to their needs.  This may include enabling them to maintain their health and mental wellbeing, manage their medications, maintain their tenancy, budget, shop, cook, access the wider community and enjoy life.

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