Home Care

At Blue Sky Enabling we believe that it is important to support people whatever their age or capacity to continue living an active and engaged life of their own choosing in surroundings that are familiar to them. What distinguishes Blue Sky Enabling is that we focus on each person’s capacity and sense of personal identity so that we can work with them to nurture those aspects of life that have most meaning to them. Working with a person on what matters most to them enables them to engage with life in a way that brings moments of real happiness and joy. Read More »


At Blue Sky Enabling we believe it is important to enable all people, whatever their age or capacity to continue to live active and engaged lives of their own choosing. Our Live-in Service does just that. We provide each person with a dedicated team of carers who work with them to maximise independence, enabling them to realise their own wishes, goals and aspirations. Our support workers are available to offer support to our Service Users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. One way that Blue Sky Enabling are able to make this possible is by offering Service Users the opportunity to have a Enabler come and live with them in their home. Read More »


It’s true that all Carers need a break, no matter who they are. Blue Sky Enabling offer a service where we can offer a Carer a period of rest while they recuperate their energy. Our highly trained support workers are able to adapt quickly to any situation, and slip seamlessly into another Carer’s shoes. Our Enablers’ highly professional attitude and expertise allows for a non-disruptive transition between the regular Carers departure and return. The support that Blue Sky Enabling’s team are able to offer is: fun; interesting; and tailored to the needs of both the Service User and the regular Carer. Read More »