What we offer:

At Blue Sky Enabling we offer a complete training program and route progression scheme for every member of staff that we employ. We also promote independent learning, while nurturing our staff to become inspirational Support Workers: Enablers. The Job of an Enabler goes beyond just proving Care to our Service Users. It is a way of working that promotes our Service Users’ independence, development, engagement, and enjoyment.

Who we are looking for:

Do you feel prepared to push yourself to build on your existing knowledge about care-work? Are you looking to make a marked difference to a Service Users life? Do you feel that you are able to identify and focus on a person’s abilities rather than their disability? If so, put in an application…

Who are our staff:

We encourage our Enablers to grow a lasting professional relationship the Service Users that they work with. Our Administration staff are here to support this process, and together we create a story that helps make sense of the support that a Service User is receiving. To begin a journey in care work with Blue Sky Enabling is to accept the extraordinary parts of your personality. Come and join us to work in a way that exceeds every expectation about what a care-worker should be like.

Current Vacancies:

Supported Living Enabler

Location: Wiltshire

Salary: £216.00 per day

Contract Type: Full-Time

Becoming a Blue Sky Enabling enabler is about choosing to specialise your experience in care work towards flexible person-centered services for adults living with disabilities. Your aim: to support our service users to achieve a comfortable level of activity and engagement within their local community. We work with individuals with a wide range of complex needs including both physical and mental disabilities. Every day presents new and exciting challenges, and part of the beauty in this line of work is experiencing the incremental differences that we can make to people’s lives.

The work that we offer is primarily delivered 1:1 with a Service User (although in some cases Service Users require the additional assistance of another enabler). Essentially, you will be enabling that Service User to: retain their independence; to maintain sanctuary within their home life; and to positively engage with their social life. This does mean that you will have to be self-motivated and resilient, to succeed in the role. But you will be well supported by a team who hold a good practical working knowledge of the service users, and managers who are eager to step up to coach you in your developing role within the organisation.

As an enabler, part of the role will involve supporting service users with their personal care needs. Also, at times, some of the service users exhibit challenging behaviours, that you may encounter relatively frequently (depending on the person). However, you will be provided with practical training to deal with these situations, including positive behaviour management training, and our management team are dedicated to ensuring that your working experience is a positive one. After all, the positive well-being of our Enablers is an intrinsic part of providing positive support services to members of our community.

At Blue Sky Enabling our approach to training, ensures each member of staff attains their Care Certificate (a base-level nationally recognised qualification in social care). We also support our Enablers to engage in QCF Lv. 3 apprenticeships in Health and Social Care. Individuals who are enthusiastic about professional development in this line of work, may also make use of a range of professional development pathways available at Blue Sky Enabling. We are looking for people with exceptional people skills, who are prepared to push themselves to build on their existing knowledge. We aim to give you the opportunity to look at care support work from a fresh perspective.

Our Expectation is that you will:


■ Bring a diverse range of relevant skills, knowledge and experience of working with people with complex needs.

■ Be responsible, honest and trustworthy.

■ Have a good sense of humour, friendly manner, sensitive approach and the ability to empathise.

■ Be a good listener, with excellent communication and time management skills.

■ Be able to engage effectively with people who have different communication abilities.

■ Have good written, verbal and IT skills.


If you find this role of interest, please send us an email on the contact form provided. Or alternatively give us a call on: 0800 456 1337.