Physical Disability

People can have physical disabilities from birth, or as a result of injury, illness or through the aging process.

At Blue Sky Enabling we see the whole person and work alongside them according to their abilities so that they are able to live a full and meaningful life of their own choosing.  Supporting people safely is of paramount importance and so as well as working with the service user, we enlist the support of occupational therapists, speech and language therapists etc to advise and guide on adaptions, equipment and tools that will aid the person.

A ‘full and meaningful life’ is not just about managing the practical day to day functions of everyday life (managing personal care, nutrition, maintaining the home environment etc) it is also about having access to community equally to everyone else.  So, we support our service users to go shopping, engaging in sport, go to events, participate in work opportunities, go on holidays – the options are endless and are decided by the people we support.

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