Jonah’s Story

Jonah’s Story


Jonah is a very bright and able young man, who sees his quadriplegic cerebral palsy as a challenge to overcome and not an obstacle.  Jonah communicates his wishes, needs and decisions through body language, communication boards and his iPad, which he uses with his toe.

Jonah lives independently with his Blue Sky Enabling live-in staff who support him with every aspect of his daily living.  Jonah was involved in recruiting his staff team – this was very important to Jonah.

Jonah’s skills and ability have enabled Jonah to maintain a part-time job with Wiltshire CC.  Jonah is also an accomplished sportsman in Boccia, and is taken to national competitions by his staff in his car.  Jonah chooses to use his car to go shopping and to visit his family, with whom he has a close and supportive relationship.

Keen on outdoor adventures, Jonah has been supported by staff to go on camping trips with his family.