Lilly’s story

When Lilly met Blue Sky Enabling her Alzheimer’s had progressed to the point where she was finding it difficult to follow her daily plan by herself. She had started to find it more difficult to manage her own personal care, and... Read more »

Greg’s story

Greg was born with cerebral palsy, and has always required support to live a healthy life. During his years as a young man, Greg was supported by his mum (Sue) who ensured he got what he needed to maximise his... Read more »

Arthur’s story

Arthur and Mary had been married for over 50 years when Arthur started to suffer from problems with his mobility. His symptoms, although mild at first, seemed to be developing alongside periods of temporary confusion. These symptoms became severe quite... Read more »

Rose’s story

Up until retirement age, Rose’s life was busy, and very much centred around her husband and his working life. She filled her time with entertaining the whims of students, and visiting lecturers. As a very intelligent member of the community,... Read more »

Lulu’s story

Lulu was a family carer for many years, looking after her husband who had Parkinson’s. While she did her job very well and effectively, her husband left her widowed in the later years of her life. As time went on,... Read more »

Victoria’s story

Victoria particularly likes this photograph; she says it reminds her of a Monet painting. In her younger years Victoria had been a professional artist, a painter, who was highly skilled and well regarded in her community. It was a shock... Read more »

Kathy’s story

Kathy had age related memory issues, and was occasionally unstable on her feet. She lived independently in her own home with daily support from her daughter Sarah, who lived next door. After Kathy suffered an injury after falling, Sarah found... Read more »

Vera’s story

Vera has lived with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for most of her life; the form she has does not have much remission, but it’s slow progressing. While Vera maintained an awareness of what the condition meant for herself and other people,... Read more »