Pamela’s Story

Pamela Pamela has a very busy family life, so Pamela uses her home care support to do things for herself.  Her enabler supports Pam to budget properly when she goes shopping at the supermarket, and occasionally they will cook together.... Read more »

Susan, Dev and Danielle’s Stories

Susan, Dev and Danielle Susan, Dev and Danielle each have high functioning autism and they live independently in their own flats with minimal home care support from Blue Sky Enabling with their individual small team of staff of 1 or... Read more »

Greg’s Story

Greg Greg was born with cerebral palsy that mainly affects his legs.  Greg’s family were looking after him but he wanted greater independence although he still wanted to continue living with his family. To build Greg’s self-esteem and to give... Read more »

Brian’s Story

Brian Brian is a bright young man with high functioning autism, that mainly manifest as high social anxiety and difficulties organising finances.  In the past this has meant Brian was often not understood by the people around him and he... Read more »

Patrick’s Story

Patrick Patrick lives in his own flat with supported living support from his Blue Sky Enabling staff.  Patrick gets on really well with his staff who support him to maintain good contact with his parents. Patrick has type 1 diabetes,... Read more »

Keith’s Story

Keith Keith has had a difficult life that at times has been dominated by periods of mental health decline.  During periods of mental health decline Keith’s behaviour can be very challenging putting himself and others at risk, and there have... Read more »

Karen’s Story

KAREN Karen has atypical autism and a speech impediment.  Over the years, Karen’s difficulties with speech have made it hard for her to express her view and feelings.  As a result she would become frustrated and hit out at others,... Read more »

Jonah’s Story

Jonah Jonah is a very bright and able young man, who sees his quadriplegic cerebral palsy as a challenge to overcome and not an obstacle.  Jonah communicates his wishes, needs and decisions through body language, communication boards and his iPad,... Read more »

Jackie’s story

This is Jackie on her 50th birthday, she was wearing an outfit she had chosen and bought especially for her party.  The occasion marked a number of firsts for us with Jackie; the first time Jackie wanted a birthday party,... Read more »

Ashleigh’s story

Ashleigh is a very engaging, determined young lady who refuses to let her very limited sight hold her back from achieving her goal to live as independently as possible!  Ashleigh lives in her own bungalow with supported living support from... Read more »