Bridgette Jones’ Diary – 84 years

October, Friday 10th: A very ordinary day.

Weight – unknown, but toes invisible even with my glasses on – ample bosom is the only thing I can see when I look down. Alcohol units nil, tea units 8 (but that resulted in 14 trips to the toilet and 2 wet pads – zimmer walking more a crawl than a sprint.) Food eaten – 10 chocolates and 16 biscuits – need shopping but can’t manage the front steps with my zimmer.

Visits or phone calls – none – called Mark’s office, then remembered he’s not there anymore – no, he’s not here any more… had a few tears and went and found our old Christmas jumpers – the moths had got there first – still I tried to put mine on but its shrunk over the years I swear… got tired and had a cup of tea – another wet pad as too tired to move and nothing but more of the same tomorrow.

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