Our Core Values

As we begin our new financial year, I thought I would bring you up to date with where we are and what we are focusing on this year. At the beginning of April the Strategic Management Team summarised our Core Values: RESPECT

Responsive: person centred, flexible, needs driven and adaptable

Empowering: creating an honest and open environment of choice and opportunity

Supportive: building a positive team and family spirit

Passionate: committed in heart and mind

Enjoyable: sustaining a culture of warmth, fun and wellbeing

Consistent: being reliable, safe and dependable

Transformative: always moving forward, learning, innovating and improving

Over recent months we have seen the welcome return of 2 previous members of staff as well as embraced 6 new staff members into the Blue Sky Enabling family. Rachel has further deepened her expertise of dementias and conditions acquired as people get older as she progresses her Masters, degree sponsored by BSE (but more of this in June).  Aubrey’s department has seen very positive changes with the employment of Diana, making it possible for him to plan to streamline all of our administrative and management control systems (more of this later in the year).  I completed Part 1 of my Diploma in Human Givens in December 2016.  Although a relatively new approach within psychology, initial research* evidences that brief interventions based on the Human Givens are both relevant and effective.  In February and March 2017 I did further training with Positive Response Training in Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour and Positive Behaviour Management and I have also begun training as a PBM Trainer, sponsored by Wiltshire Council, funded by the NHS and should qualify in May. We are continuing to discuss and secure approval to our support plans, protocols and methods of approach with service users, family members and professionals.  Drawing upon my knowledge and training I shall also be able to contribute more effectively to people’s positive behaviour plans.

*Andrews, W., Twigg, E., Minami, T. and Johnson, G. (11 February 2011) ‘Piloting a practice research network: A 12-month evaluation of the Human Givens approach in primary care at a general medical practice.’ Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice.

Andrews, W. P., Wislocki, A. P., Short, F., Chow, D., Minami, T. (2013) “A 5-year evaluation of the Human Givens therapy using a Practice Research Network”, Mental Health Review Journal, Vol. 18 Issue: 3