I am an Enabler

I am not a Cleaner… but I clean, tidy, vacuum and dust.

I am not a Beauty Therapist … but wash and comb hair as well as file and paint nails

I am not a Chef… but I plan, prepare and cook meals

I am not a Waitress… but I prepare drinks and snacks as well as serve them

I am not a Physiotherapist… but I help with exercises and building up strength

I am not a Best friend… but I chat, have coffee, go to the theatre and shop

I am not a Laundress … but I collect, clean, hang out and iron clothes

I am not a Gardener… but I assist to buy, plant and tend to flowers

I am not a Nurse… but I help with meds, identify and monitor health concerns and consult with Dr’s

I am not a Secretary… but I organise possessions, help with correspondence, make appointments and keep the diary

I do not have any of these jobs, but I am an Enabler… I do all of these jobs.