The blood moon

This week for those of us fortunate enough to see it, we experienced a blood moon – there is no special paint-box that turns the moon crimson it’s just the combination of a clear night sky, and a full moon coupled with a full lunar eclipse creating a moment of perfection.

Ordinary elements brought together in a unique way creating magic.

Someone’s passing too can be said to be part of the ordinary every day happenings of human life – but the right combination of care and support and family can make even the darkest days a magical experience.  This week we supported a lovely lady of 98 and her family as she made her final journey.  Each moment was gentle and loving for her and her son and daughter, their spouses and children, cousins, nephews and nieces so that they experienced her passing as a blood moon, a treasured and wondrous celebration of her life.  That’s Blue Sky Enabling where Life is for Living, and someone’s passing is an opportunity for a new beginning.